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NAREA 2018 Award

Our Reggio Emilia inspired program blends traditional and non-traditional ways of learning. Creative Minds combines the emergent curriculum and creative approaches of Reggio Emilia schools of Italy with a strong educational component. Every child is naturally creative, curious, and loves to learn. It is our job as parents and teachers to present opportunities where children can be stimulated and challenged in a positive non-threatening environment, where each can explore his/her imagination and discover his/her own innate style of learning. We offer opportunities for creative learning and thinking outside the box, to set a strong foundation for a lifetime of curiosity and learning. Our graduating preschoolers should expect to be thoroughly prepared for kindergarten, having developed hands-on interest in literacy, mathematics, science, music, drama, art, physical activity, and the natural world.


Reggio Learning in Action at Creative Minds

Reggio Learning in Action photo essay

Reggio Learning in Action at Creative Minds Photo Essay (PDF)

How does Reggio Emilia blend play-based learning with kindergarten readiness?

Reggio Emilia and Ready for School photo essay

Reggio Emilia & Ready for School Photo Essay (PDF)

Reggio Emilia Approach: An Exemplary Model for ECE

Hailed as an exemplary model of early childhood education (Newsweek, 1991), the Reggio Emilia approach to education enables children to think outside the box, building on their interests, working in teams to discuss & innovate to solve problems, learning as a community. Unlike Direct Instruction methods that require a child to listen passively, Reggio empowers the child to be an active learner & participant in the learning process. Children are considered & encouraged as able communicators & capable researchers, innovating & learning, thereby building essential self-motivational skills, forming an effective basis for a lifetime of learning. Unlike Montessori which is very individualistic, Reggio encourages children working in collaborative work groups solving problems as a team, learning from each other to advance cognitive development. Children are encouraged to dialogue, critique, compare, negotiate, hypothesize, & problem solve through group work. Within the Reggio Emilia approach multiple perspectives promote both a sense of group membership & the uniqueness of self. This helps the children learn how to build reciprocal relationships, much like in real life.

We feature:

A dedicated, caring and well educated staff that plans and implements a child centered curriculum:

  • Focus on education, creativity, self-help and social competence skills. Project based approach
  • Small class sizes so your child gets the attention he or she needs to thrive. Observation windows
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Active learning which focuses on all senses
  • Reading, writing, penmanship
  • Math and science
  • Infant/Toddler using RIE philosophy
  • Art, music and physical education
  • Puppets, theater, & dramatic play
  • Large, secure outdoor open/covered play areas including spacious sandboxes
  • Parent involvement opportunities including organic gardening
  • Regular visits/talks by community icons like firefighters, police, doctor, librarian, accountant, engineers, etc. to enhance latent interests and orient children in their community