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Creative Minds Child Development Center‎
By Natasha H., San Jose, CA – February 24, 2017

We are so fortunate to have found Creative Minds! Our daughter has been going here since she was five months and it’s been amazing to watch her blossom and grow in the loving and fun-filled care of all the teachers.

The staff to child ratio is very low which means much more one on one attention for our daughter! And the teachers are truly fantastic – they are knowledgeable, caring, and truly excited to be there.

CM is progressive and understands that children learn through play and so take the time to teach kids organically, rather than through a teacher-led curriculum. Every day our daughter comes back having learned something new, from songs to words to dances. They also focus on soft skills like independence, kindness, strength, resourcefulness, empathy and many more that align with our own values and ones we want our daughter to embrace. It’s great to have a true partner in raising our daughter!!

I spent a lot of time researching and visiting daycares (from Los Gatos to San Nose to Santa Clara) and Creative Minds was the only one that reflects our own parent values and supports her as she grows. Thank you!!

Creative Minds Child Development Center‎
By Andrea L., San Jose, CA – January 23, 2017

I absolutely love this place! It’s the third preschool my daughter has attended in the past three years as we kept looking for a better alternative. We found it at last. My daughter is in the preschool room and my son is in the toddler room. The teachers are kind, caring and knowledgeable. I think this is the only school where I saw the teachers have more than the required 12 ECE units, most of them have their BAs.
My daughter has learned a lot here. True, they don’t put an emphasis on the ABC, but they teach the children so much more while also teaching the academics to 4 and 5 year olds who will start Kindergarten in the fall. This is a lovely program that is very much developmentally appropriate.

Creative Minds Child Development Center‎
By Jutta G., San Jose, CA  - March 12, 2015

My daughter has been at Creative Minds in the Blue Room (preschool) for over a year now and we could not be happier to have found such a professionally run school with caring teachers who are very educated in their field and the Reggio philosophy. When you walk into the classroom, you are always greeted with a smile and the teachers are very engaged and in tune with the kids and their specific needs.

I cannot say enough good things about the teachers, who encourage the children to problem solve and become critical, independent thinkers by allowing them to explore, experiment and discover in a safe, guided environment. They create carefully thought-through, thematic curriculum projects that are interwoven with different letters each week. Daily circle times are a wonderful time where the children learn to listen to each other, take on another perspective, have fun dancing together and being kids and explore new, meaningful ideas.

I am particularly impressed about how much communication happens in the classroom. My daughter is constantly learning new words to express ideas and feelings and the daily book discussions have increased her vocabulary tremendously. She knows that asking questions is always welcome and her confidence about her newly acquired knowledge shows every day.

We feel confident that our daughter will have an easy transition to Kindergarten and has been taught important skills to become a lifetime learner. I wholeheartedly recommend Creative Minds to any family who embraces the Reggio philosophy!

Creative Minds Child Development Center‎
By Michelle L., San Jose, CA  - March 22, 2014

We have been part of the Creative Minds family for almost 4 years now. My oldest son started going here when he was 2 and now my youngest son is here too. The staff is completely wonderful and loving with the children. They are always doing a lot of activities with the children…a lot of tactile activities, a lot of outside play, song and dance, reading. My two year old comes home singing songs he must have learned at school…I can tell he is having a fun time there!! Parental involvement is also encouraged…parents come in to share fun things with the kids (music, etc). And of course as a parent you can drop in at any time.

The school is separated into different rooms based upon age (babies, toddlers, older toddlers, and preK) and the rooms are very nice…clean, colorful, a lot of fun toys and activities. I was a little nervous when I found out that the main teacher for the toddler room had left, but the new head teacher in the room, Teacher Teri is fantastic!!! She’s so positive and upbeat and even though my son has a hard time with me leaving him, as soon as we walk in he gives her a little smile. She successfully distracts him by playing with the babies (dolls), or the light table, etc…she knows what he likes to do and she (and the rest of the staff) genuinely loves my son which makes it much easier for me to leave him there.

My oldest son was so sad when he had to start going to another school (elementary) but we continue to connect with other former classmates. Richa and Jennifer have always been very flexible with scheduling, which has been really great since I’m going back to school and have a new schedule every quarter. Bottom line…this is the best place you could send your children to. You won’t be sorry…it’s such a happy place and a great extension of family.

Creative Minds Child Development Center
By Heather M., Los Gatos, CA  - October 15th, 2013

Our daughter has been in the preschool at Creative Minds for over a year and has always been very happy there. Her teachers are really wonderful, caring and fun. They know each of the kids so well and are responsive to each child’s needs and interests. They’re very attentive to the social development of each child and put a lot of attention on nurturing empathy, friendship, and responsibility in the classroom. The director is very attentive to parent interests and concerns.

The program is fantastic, and such a rare find in the South Bay. The curriculum is focused on themes of interest to the kids, like transportation, countries, rainbows, and “all about me”. Using a theme that the kids are excited about, they engage in all different kinds of activities: making art, exploring science concepts, reading books, construction, and pretend play. They have built marble runs to explore physics, created maps, developed their own country (including learning about things like flags, voting, and different cultures), and made art with every kind of material you can imagine. There is so much hands on learning going on every day. They cook together often and learn that meals are an important time for coming together and making friends. There is lots of outside time, where they can climb, run, make messy projects, garden, dig, or just enjoy some quiet time in the shade. They go on field trips and have visitors from the community (fire department, high school marching band, music/soccer/gymnastics teachers, parent volunteers). They are encouraged to develop independence and are supported in taking physical, social, and creative risks. I’m amazed at what my daughter is learning, and all through play, exploration and fun. She’s curious and excited about big ideas they learn about — whether it’s electricity or gravity or how plants grow — and at the same time has learned enough reading, writing, and counting to be more than ready for kindergarten. And, she’s always so engaged and happy when I come to pick her up.

Creative Minds Child Development Center
By Priya C, San Jose, CA  -  March 29th, 2012

I know people often only feel motivated to write reviews when they have something negative to say. This school is wonderful. The staff is extremely caring an passionate about what they do. My son is in the toddler class, and even though they are so young, the kids all seem very happy, independent, and compassionate. He’s always had really bad separation anxiety,  but his teachers really help make the transition easier for him. And after 2 months, I feel like it’s getting easier and easier for me to leave him in the morning. When I come to pick him up he’s always in a wonderful mood! He’s also getting the hang of potty training really quickly with the help of his teachers. It’s obvious that they really take a personal interest in each child. They also really encourage parents to get involved in the classroom whenever possible, such as reading stories or doing projects so the kids feel a sense of community at school. I definitely recommend Creative Minds. If you’re curious, go check it out for yourself!

Creative Minds Child Development Center
By Eleni M, San Jose, CA  - September 18, 2011

After MANY hours/days of researching preschools in the south bay, I’m so happy to have found Creative Minds.  As a primary  teacher  for 12 years, I  was nervous that I wouldn’t find a preschool that matched my personal philosophy of teaching young children.  I’ve always been a believer in the Reggio Emilia Approach and was pleased to learn that Creative Minds shared my same beliefs in how young children learn.  My daughter is almost 3 now and has been there for 1 year.  Her teachers have created a friendly and enriching classroom environment, where the children are encouraged to explore and make discoveries.  My daughter has thrived at Creative Minds.  She has become a curious, imaginative and confident child!  Richa, the director, has been extremely flexible with our schedule!  I have referred 2 friends to Creative Minds.  One child has started, and both of his parents couldn’t be happier with Creative Minds.  Our other friend’s child will be starting in January.

As a teacher, I value consistent communication between teacher and parents.  I can’t thank my daughter’s teachers enough, for the time they spend informing me about my daughter’s new discoveries and learnings.  They are always willing to answer any questions. They take pictures on a daily basis and  have them printed by the end of the day so the children can take them home.  My daughter LOVES going to school!!  I highly recommend Creative Minds!

Creative Minds Child Development Center
By S S., Sunnyvale – Oct 19, 2010

When it’s about your child, you don’t want to make any compromises. Creative Minds is one of a kind! We are so glad that we found it. We had previous experiences with a locally owned and nationally owned facility and CM is finally our choice due to their caring staff and creative environment.

My 2.5-year-old son has now been going to Creative Minds for over a year. My son started out in their infant program, and then graduated to their toddler program. We are very happy with his progress there. The transition from Infant to Toddler was very well thought out and painless, and he loved it. Now he is an active, curious, inquisitive, confident toddler who loves to go to school in the morning, every morning, and is loving to learn. Soon, we look forward to him graduating to their preschool classroom.

The teachers at Creative Minds have been great! Their open and caring approach to the children and to the parents, their gentle guiding of the students along the way to learn math, language and science has been very effective; no pressure teaching here, it’s teaching by inspiring curiosity and wonder. They have so many extracurricular activities (fire truck visits, gymnastics, petting-zoo, Thanksgiving, etc), and trips (pumpkin patch, theater, museum, etc), we love it.

The classrooms include play areas with natural materials (wood, cloth, books, puppets, art materials, kitchen stuff, etc.). The staff’s calm approach along with the outdoor play times (ALL YEAR LONG) creates a healthy learning environment. We (parents) provide the food, which I think is great as I know exactly what my child is being served. Everyone is unique and bringing your own food is an excellent way of showing this.

I can’t thank the staff at Creative Minds enough for taking such awesome care of my son. You really have to visit this center to appreciate it.

Highly recommended.

Creative Minds Child Development Center‎
By Michelle E., San Jose – Oct 18, 2010

My daughter has been attending Creative Minds since July. My husband and I did extensive research into many different preschools and philosophies. After meeting with the director, Richa, and the preschool teachers, we knew Creative Minds was the right fit for our daughter.

Our daughter is 2 1/2, and she is thriving here. She goes three mornings a week, but would probably prefer to go five days. She takes off running when I drop her off, and cries when I try to take her home. The preschool teachers are so dedicated and seem to truly love their jobs. They put so much effort into finding activities that challenge and inspire the kids. They frequently have parents and community visitors speak to the kids (recent examples are a veterinarian and a soccer coach). A petting zoo has also visited twice since my daughter started. Recently, the school started to offer an optional weekly gymnastics class taught by a local gymnastics teacher. Last week the kids made their own pumpkin patch in the sandbox, and my daughter was so proud.

The teachers have also been so helpful with potty training. When they noticed my daughter might be ready, they spoke to me and we decided to have them take her to the potty regularly. I now get a daily potty training report. They have also had good ideas for me, as a first time parent, about some frustrations my daughter might be having with learning to share and other kids “getting in her space.” The teacher recommended some good books and role playing for us to do together to help my daughter out.

Overall, we are so happy we enrolled our daughter here. I hope they decide to open a kindergarten in the next few years!

Creative Minds Child Development Center
By Ziya J., San Jose – Oct 11, 2010

My daughter has been at Creative Minds now for about 6 months. We are so very pleased with her growth and development since she has started. Being educators, my wife and I researched and reviewed many local schools for our daughter. Creative Minds is the perfect blend of academics, social and emotional development and creative play. The staff there is fully aware of her needs, her interests and is able to give her the attention and love she needs. She can’t wait to go to school each day and loves to come home and show us what she did and demonstrate what she learned. The open door policy allows me to visit the school at any time, sitting in with the kids or observing from afar. The care with which they attend to the kids is wonderful, the variety of activities is stimulating and the level of understanding of child development and growth is refreshing to see. They aren’t just daycare, but much more.

I recommend Creative Minds to anyone looking for a great place for their kids!

Great Programs
By Keith M. – Sep 3, 2010

Our youngest son is almost 3 and has been with Creative Minds since it opened nearly a year ago. Our son has mild developmental delays/CP and he is thriving at school. His team of doctors are amazed and cannot believe his progress. His therapists often come to the school and work with him and the CM staff to further his progress. We were so happy with Creative Minds, that we sent our 5 year old there this summer for the summer camp program. He too enjoyed it and had a great experience. During nap time, the teacher quietly worked with him on kindegarten prep as he is not a napper. He has now started Kindegarten and is excelling. In my mind Pre-K is to create a love for learning and Creative Minds does a great job as my youngest son attends 3 days per week and can’t wait for his school days! My only regret is that CM wasn’t already open when my oldest needed a Pre-K!

Your child is in good hands with Creative Minds
By happy I. – Dec 18, 2009

My infant son has been at Creative Minds for over 2 months and we love it! He is thriving and we are so happy. His teachers are well-educated and experienced. They make us feel like they love our lil guy as much as we do. …

Creative Minds CDC‎
By Anu – Dec 9, 2009

My 4 1/2 year old is in the preschool program at Creative Minds and loves it! Their hands-on teaching techniques (making playdough, pizza, planting winter vegetables to name a few) have helped my child tremendously. The class size is small and the teacher takes time to work individually with each child based on their specific needs. The classrooms are bright and welcoming with plenty of things to stimulate creativity.

We love Creative Minds!‎
By Kelly – Dec. 5, 2009

We did a lot of searching for the perfect daycare for our 6-month old son. After our initial tour, talking extensively with the staff (all of them) and learning a lot about their professional backgrounds and curriculum, we were sold. Our son has been at Creative Minds for over two months now, and we couldn’t be happier. He is thriving there. The facility and supplies are new, he gets to go outside EVERY day (which we love), and the staff is as patient and kind in the morning as they are when I’m swinging in at the stroke of 6 pm every day. I can’t say enough about how great the care is, how attentive the teachers are, etc. What I tell friends is that we’re getting “nanny-level care at a reasonable daycare price.” We would not change a thing!

Creative Minds‎
By Amy – Dec 4, 2009

I enrolled my 3-year-old twins about 6 months ago at CM and they are loving it! I can see their maturity growing and I’m very happy with the “relevant to them” type of teaching method employed. I would highly recommend this preschool; it’s a great prep for kindergarten.

 Creative Minds Child Development Center

By Zeba E, San Jose – Jan 28, 2010

My son has been going to this daycare for about one month now and I feel I am ready to review the center. I was very pleased with the staff and cleanliness of the center. This is a newly renovated site. I did a lot of research before coming across this site. The center is secure at all times and a code is needed upon entry. My son is 15 months and is enrolled in the infant program. Everything is organized; we sign him in every day and log how his sleep was the night before and what time he woke up. When I come to pick him up I receive a daily log sheet which has everything he did that day. They log when his diapers were changed, what he ate, how much he ate, what he drank, what he played with etc. Thank God, I really feel at ease taking my son here. You can drop in at any time to check up on them. I love their open door policy. Richa (the owner) made the transition very smooth for us. I highly recommend this program for anyone considering putting their child in daycare.

Creative Minds Child Development Center
By PriyaB, Campbell – Nov 11, 2009

After a great deal of searching for the right preschool, I found Creative Minds. Creative Minds has a toddler program that is ideal for my curious and active 2.5 year old. The teacher is positive and creative and in tune with the students. I was worried because the program was brand new but those doubts were quickly laid to rest. Great play-based and curiosity-based philosophy, engaging environment, nice facility, and warm, nurturing teachers who really like being there. What I like: low teacher student ratio, really nice group of kids, good communication with parents and open door policy. And as for my son, he loves it!! I can barely get him to come home! One slight disadvantage is that they do not provide meals, so we have to pack from home. I highly recommend checking it out if you are looking. Good luck!