Creative Mind
Child Development Center

Flexible program options for Infant, Toddler, Preschool

Tuition, Forms, Calendar

School Information

Tuition Information

Tuition Rates: 2018 (PDF)

School Calendar: 2018-2019

Calendar of holidays & school closures for 2018 and 2019  (PDF)

Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook 2018 (PDF)
includes policies, what to bring on the first day of school, and school calendar.

Application & Enrollment

Please note: all  forms on this page are formatted as PDF forms. They can be completed on your computer using  Adobe Reader 9.0 or later, which is a free download from Please complete these forms, print and sign them, and bring them to the school office to enroll your child. Thank you!

Applying to Creative Minds

Admission Application Form (PDF)
Use this form after a tour to get on the waiting list and/or to reserve a space. (Reserving a space also requires the registration fee and often a deposit. The waiting list is free but gets 2nd priority.)

Enrollment Paperwork

For All Children:

Enrollment Contract (PDF)

Personal Rights (PDF)

Parents’ Rights (PDF) and Caregiver Background Check Notice (PDF)

Car Seat Law Information (for information only, no signature required) (1st PDF) (2nd PDF)

Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment (PDF)

Identification and Emergency Information (PDF)

Physician’s Report (PDF)
Please note: Immunization records are required on or before to your child’s first day.

Preadmission Health History, Parents’ Report (PDF)

Topical Ointment Permission Form (including sunscreen) (PDF)

Email Sharing Permission Form (PDF)

Family Involvement Volunteer Hours Sign-Up (PDF)

In Some Cases:

For infants/toddlers under 24 months only, or older children with special needs:
Needs & Services Plan (PDF)

For children with special needs, to allow us to communicate with their therapists, special education teachers, and other team members:
Exchange of Information (PDF)
We also request that you bring a copy of their current IFSP, IEP, 504 Plan, assessments, or other relevant documents so we can collaborate with you to best meet their needs.

For children who will need to take medication at school (prescription or over-the-counter):
Parent Consent for Administration of Medications (PDF)

For children with inhalers or nebulizers to be used at school, two forms are needed:
Parent Permission Form (PDF)
Physician’s Letter (PDF)